The Murmurings

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The First Ely Stone Novel

Ely Stone returns home to his ancestral lands in the wilds of Upper Michigan. After 20 years in the military, the Pukaskwa Indian arrives a jaded and wounded man who seeks only the harmony of this northern wilderness. Gradually, the scarred warrior is healed, and the voice that he follows urges him to re-enter the world. He accepts a job as his tribe’s special agent and sets off to troubleshoot Muskrat Island. He finds love in the form of a beautiful girl, but things only start going badly from there.

There are Air Force and Chinese agents and an Old Russian spy, all after something on Muskrat Island. And the former Coast Guardsman is right in the way. Stone escapes death and battles his way through a host of killers to solve the mystery, only to have it surface again, in an even more frightening form. At the end of his tribal mission, Stone finally “hears” The Murmurings, and must no only face the fact that he is more deeply Indian than he ever realized, but also that what’s on the island…may be more terrifying than anything he’s ever experienced in war. And that something came to rest…smack dab in the middle of Indian Country!

The SE SE Kwa
Also known as the “THE MURMURINGS” by many North American Indians, it is simply the gentle whispering of the trees, leaves or pine needles. Although the meaning may very from nation to nation and tribe to tribe, the substance usually remains the same. It is just the trees speaking of the land they’re rooted in and harmony of Mother Earth that we, her creatures, all share. These spirits tell of the good or bad where their roots interwine, draw sustenance and finger through the soil. Usually, the song of the se se Kwa is gentle, soothing and calming in rhythm. But as Ely Stone soon learns, The Murmurings can sometimes…be just the opposite.

The hourglass shape that appears at the top of this page and on the borders on the novel’s dust jacket is a Native American symbol. It represents the circle of life that exists here on our Earth Mother. The smaller symbol in the middle is the Indian sign for the stars, up in the heavens. Whenever the symbol for Mother Earth’s life circle is interspaced with another from outside those regions…it usually means that there’s trouble. In this case…perhaps it’s the stars causing the mischief.

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