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Winner of the Distinguished Honor Award
Military Writers Society of America

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An adventure story about the recent invasion of Iraq

Five young American soldiers and two beautiful Iraqi women, pursued by a relentless force. Do they fight, hide or surrender? Sergeant Ryan Parker’s the guy in charge and he can’t do any of those things. Because all of them know something so sinister that it will rock the world. And no matter what… — it must be told!


It’s March, 2003 and the first big war of the 21st century is afoot. The U.S. Army’s famed 3 rd Infantry Division is sweeping across the arid regions of Iraq , fighting Saddam Hussein’s army as it presses on for a quick victory. The goal is Baghdad and the tactic is called rapid-advance. But numerous attacks by Iraqi irregular forces have slowed the Division’s momentum. Now, forward elements of the 3rd Division are dug-in at the Karbala Pass , facing far superior numbers of the best soldiers that Saddam has – the Iraqi Republican Guard.

It’s a tenuous situation for the Americans as they wait for their main force to catch up. If the Iraqis decide to attack, then the Americans could easily be over-run. They’ll need every break they can get to survive. In situations like this, the more you know – the better. So, the American leaders decide to set listening posts in the no-man’s land between the U.S. soldiers and Saddam’s elite troops.

Sergeant Ryan Parker and his little infantry squad are one of these L.P.s

Then, for the first and last time in this war, the Iraqi army gains the upper hand. The Republican Guard storms across the front in a massive counter-attack, isolating Parker and his squad in the no-man’s land! The Americans beat back the attack and resume their dash to Baghdad leaving Parker and his squad behind. But now, the L.P. squad is deep behind enemy lines, holed-up in a bombed-out house with legions of elite enemy soldiers all around them!

A reservist, called back to active duty for the invasion, Parker knows that he’s in trouble. He’s young, inexperienced and a newly promoted leader of an under-strength infantry squad. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s also acquired two young Iraqi women, daughters of a dead Iraqi intelligence colonel. Surrounded, Parker has to decide, do they fight, hide or surrender? But Murphy’s Law dictates that things can always get worse and so… they do.

Parker and his L.P. squad learn something so sinister, so dastardly that the information must be gotten back. But now if they’re caught, the women will be raped and brutally murdered and Parker and his men will be viciously beheaded. So, they plunge even deeper behind enemy lines facing death from everywhere as they race across Iraq . Hotly pursued by a vengeful force, Parker must get the message back, no matter the cost! The fate of the western world –– their world –– depends on… “The L.P.”

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