Old Money

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“Stunning! Walks-As-Bear reports that he is working on another Ely Stone adventure (Old Money), one that will involve Mark Twain.  Given the author’s vivid imagination, this next yarn will be well worth the wait!”— The Grand Rapids Press

An American Indian in paradise. A land of beautiful exotic women, flowery scents, balmy breezes and warm sunshine… Hawaii. For an Indian guy, it’s a very pleasant place to be. Unless of course… you’re losing your mind…

Tribal cop Ely Stone returns and falls into another case in which mysticism and death wreathe at every turn! Another mystery, this one involves Mark Twain, beautiful women, Hawaiian medicine, and American Indian culture. Also drifting in this haunting sea is an old Confederate warship called the CSS Shenandoah. Why is this eerie man-o-war sailing in Stone’s already crowded world? Whatever the answer, all of these things come into play on the Big Island of Hawaii in…

~~~ Old Money ~~~

After surviving the unearthly riddle of “The Murmurings”, Stone finds the Indian girl he’s attached to wants him to change. That’s not possible. So, he does what he’s always done when hurt. He throws himself into his work. He takes on his tribe’s next mission and heads off to Hawaii. There he finds beauty, serenity and a people like he’s never known.

Soon after arriving, he learns that all is not well with the tribe’s newly acquired property. Someone else is interested in what lies beneath the lava rock of South Point. As usual, Stone is in the way. And that’s sure not good. But other things are screwing with his head that could be even worse. On this Big Island, there are three beautiful women: a Native beauty from Michigan, a sultry Cajun from New Orleans and a lovely exotic from this paradise that are now deeply a part of his world. And while all of that’s difficult… the worst is that he’s also got crazy movies playing over and over again in his mind.

He’s tormented by hauntingly bizarre visions that make no sense to him – images that make him doubt his very sanity. A man with a jaded past as an intelligence agent, Stone’s no stranger to bad dreams. He has them often. But these nightmares have nothing to do with him… or do they?

Ely tries to piece the puzzle by using all of his training, experience and know-how. But in the end, perhaps he finds the answer is much closer to home. Closer than he ever would have imagined. Is Stone going crazy? He doesn’t know. But you can bet your old money that time… will tell.

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