No Green Card

big_no_card_cover A Sci-Fi Thriller

Based on the McGuire AFB / Ft. Dix ET Case.

To be forwarded by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, one of the real-life interviewers of the military policeman depicted in this novel.


A dreary winter’s night in January of 1978… a lone Miltary Policeman, making his rounds at Fort Dix, in New Jersey. The Viet Nam War was over and while this M.P. was a veteran of that conflict, he felt comfort here. He had known fear in the jungles of Southeast Asia and had almost been taken prisoner there by little people from a foreign land. That had been scary for him as he knew what they did to captured American soldiers. But that had been there. Here… here he felt safe. There was little to fear in the bleak winter stateside darkness or… was there?

He didn’t think so. So, for this soldier, it was just another lonely tour of duty, patrolling in his cruiser and watching the tedious snow melt. Little of any consequence ever happened in the wee hours of the black morning night, and he knew it. But then… what he thought he knew… he really didn’t. And what he figured couldn’t possibly happen… did. Something changed that night. And it was a change that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It had to. Because hauntings are normal… when you kill an alien with…


That January night in 1978, the M.P. shot and killed a saboteur… an illegal alien possessing no “Alien Registration Receipt Card”, or, as it’s commonly called, -no ‘Green Card’. Most illegal aliens come here merely to work and make money. But there are some… that have a much more sinister intention. Regardless of the reason, the cop that shoots someone in the line of duty will always be haunted – be they a US Border Patrolman or an Army M.P.

After that night’s experience, the M.P. was in therapy for a long time. The military shrinks told him that the petrifying nightmares would go away, and mostly… they had. Then, thirty years later, another illegal alien incident happens on the Mexican border and now the nightmares… are back. He’s been rocketed into the past, back to that spine-chilling night in 1978.

Bits and pieces that had been buried deep within his mind about that night, have now exploded into the forefront of his brain. The things that had been so carefully hidden, lying dormant within his memory for 3 decades… are now crystal clear and terrifying. There was something very odd about the saboteur that he killed all those years ago. And that dark wintry night in 1978, the illegal alien had left something. Now the illegal’s friends want it back. The item is squirreled away in the dark attic of an old Michigan farm house and he’s in a deperate struggle to get to it before his time runs out. He was once almost taken by little people from a foreign land in Viet Nam. That had been scary enough. But now… now it could happen again. Because not only do these illegal aliens want their item back but they also want… him. And unlike his Viet Nam pursuers, these little people… can do anything.

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