Introduction from the Author

Bezon and thank you for visiting. Whether you’re here by chance or here by design…you’re as welcome, either way.

As you’ve probably figured, I am an American Indian. My folks have ties to the Shawnee Nation and even a few, to other woodland and prairie tribes. I’ve written a lot over the years and most of it has been for profit and for someone else. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the work because I really did. But there’s something special about writing a novel. It’s something wondrous, mysterious and uniquely yours and yours alone. Oh sure… you hope it’s successful and that folks like the story. To insinuate anything else would be ludicrous.

But like the annual family reunion, success is a relative thing. To be able to write a story and see it come alive…when until the moment that you put in on paper… it drew its only breath… from the inside of your mind… well… that’s a form of success that’s not easily topped. For me, it’s a very relative thing, eh. I think I have an inkling of what women must feel when they become a mother. That marvelous feeling when they first see that little baby that’s been alive inside of them for all of those months. Birth is the Great Good Spirit’s greatest gift. I think that’s true of deer, people, hawks and… writers. It has been for me anyway. A sweeter more enjoyable past time than writing a novel… I cannot imagine. And like all addicts… I’m going to do it again and again.

So, to that end, please explore this site. And send an email if you have a notion or question and I’ll try to answer it for you. Being me…the answer may not make much sense. But heck at least it’ll be an answer, eh. I always aim to answer questions and comments as promptly as I can.

If you have time, take a gander at the Photo Facts from the various books. There are some neat actual pictures and trivia pertaining to the individual novels there. And maybe browse around to peek at the graphics. The links to their creators are on the home page and they’re not half-bad. There’s also a link to the newspaper column I write every week called, Bear’s Den. Most of the time, it’s just silly everyday stuff. But the dumb thing is now syndicated and goes out to folks all over the world – Ireland, England, Switzerland, Europe, India, Australia, across the USA, Alaska and Hawaii so – go figure.

Okey doke then. Once more, I appreciate your visit and who knows, maybe you’ll read something of mine someday. All right… it may only be my obituary, but hey… it’ll still be mine. Much megwetch again for stopping by and come back again when you get the notion.

David Walks-As-Bear